Adidas Superstan

Adidas SuperStan, The Perfect Hybrid

Are you an unconditional fan of Adidas Superstar shoes, the low-top basketball shoe, with an awesome and characteristic rubber front?

Or do you prefer to skip the famous three stripes shoes, and use the tennis-inspired Adidas Stansmith model?

Or… maybe you have both, and you like them equally and use them alternately.

Well, no need to wait any longer. The time has come. Awesomeness had been created.

The Adidas SuperStar

Adidas SuperStan

To celebrate the success of both of these shoe models (and the 50th anniversary of Superstar), Adidas decided to launch a Hybrid of the two: ADIDAS SUPER STAN.

It’s a double dose of awesomeness, that will be made available on February the 1st, 2020 (Saturday, at 06:00pm GMT).

Comfortable, stylish, unique, simple and straightforward. That’s how they will be known once they hit the market.

For only 110$ you will be able to acquire this masterpiece, that puts together the best features of each of the mentioned models. No need to decide either you will grab your superstar or stansmith shoes in the morning, because now you will have a better choice in terms of footwear.

This will be a regular fit shoe, with lace closure and a leather upper. Contains the iconic shell-toe from Superstar, a rubber outsole, leather lining and molded sockliner. Oh, and let’s not forget about the several diagonal perforations on the shoe, that are elegant substitutes for the three stripes. Exquisite design, perfect manufacture. Combine all of this, and the final product is nothing else but the incredible new Adidas shoe model. This is a company that keeps presenting us with the best options to use on a daily basis, without losing an inch of quality.

Where to buy these new sneakers?

You will be able to find it on selected physical shops and online stores, in cloud white and green color.

This will be 2020’s new shoe trend, for sure. The perfect combination of two successful shoe models in one… there is no doubt that this will be the next hit. It will be one more success story for Adolf Dassler’s company, that keeps shaking the shoe market since it’s foundation. They are the first ones to say it… they strive to serve the clients better. And they are doing it, beautifully. Every new launch, a new hit. Every new model, a new part of their success story.

Adidas SUPERSTAN is coming soon, so better set a reminder on your phone to order it as soon as it comes out… and avoid missing the opportunity to be one of the first people to wear it and “wow” the streets while you pass by.

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